De noite, a luz

Canon AE-1

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  1. I just find your blog and had to leave a mesage. It is lovely and oh so many beautiful cats you have. I allso admire your photos, they are just great. I have a cat called Frida and a dog called Luna and if you check my blog you'll see my big cat familly :). I sew soft cat toys or pillows for kids.
    And one more thing, your Tobias is very simillar to our belloved and unfortunatly passed away cat Odi. We brought him home together with Frida, but Odi stayed with us only a year.

  2. São muito lindas esta fotos e com o Tobias e a Patanisca ficam mais magnificas !!!!! Abraços de Frida, Bilbo e Sofia Cats

  3. Adoro ver essas trocas de carinho. Fotos divinas!


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